International Seminar on Air Quality Monitoring and Modeling 2023

Organised by:

Department of Civil Engineering,
Kumaraguru College of Technology,
Coimbatore 641 049.


Dr. A. Gandhimathi,
Associate Professor/CE, KCT
Dr. N. Ramsundram,
Associate Professor/ CE, KCT
Mr. K R P. Satheeshkumar,
Assistant Professor II/CE, KCT

Date: 02nd November 2023 - 04th November 2023
Venue: Kumaraguru College of Technology


The “International Seminar on Air Quality Monitoring and Modeling 2023” is a comprehensive event designed to address critical issues related to air quality on a global scale. The seminar aims to bring together experts, researchers, and practitioners to explore advancements, share insights, and foster collaboration in the field of air quality monitoring and modeling. The event will consist of insightful sessions covering various aspects of ambient air quality, personal exposure monitoring, and the health effects associated with ambient and personal exposure to air pollutants.


Seminar Outcomes:

Knowledge Exchange:

  • Facilitate the exchange of cutting-edge research and knowledge among participants.
  • Foster collaboration among researchers, practitioners, and policymakers.


Innovative Solutions:

  • Explore and showcase innovative technologies and methodologies in air quality monitoring and modeling.
  • Identify gaps and propose solutions for improving monitoring accuracy and coverage.


Policy Implications:

  • Discuss the policy implications of research findings for better air quality management
    and regulation.
  • · Provide insights for policymakers to develop effective strategies for air quality improvement.


Networking and Collaboration:

  • Create a platform for networking and collaboration among participants from academia, industry, and governmental organizations.
  • · Promote interdisciplinary approaches to address complex air quality challenges.


Public Awareness:

  • · Raise public awareness regarding the health impacts of air pollution.
  • · Encourage community involvement in addressing air quality issues.


The seminar aims to contribute significantly to the advancement of knowledge, technological innovation, and policy development in the crucial domain of air quality monitoring and modeling.


Workshop – 02 November, 2023

  • Hands-on training on QGIS
  • Open Foam (CFD)



  • Seminar + Workshop – ₹750
  • Seminar – ₹500
  • Workshop – ₹300


Seminar – 03 & 04 November, 2023

Groundbreaking sessions on

  • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring & Modeling
  • Personal Exposure Monitoring & Modeling
  • Health Effects due to Ambient & Personal Exposure


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