Under the broader mission to deeply impact India’s innovation economy by strengthening the nation’s technology industry and entrepreneurship sector, Forge has established Forge.Academy to nurture the next generation of highly competent individuals capable of harnessing the power of technology, innovation and enterprise to lead change, and deliver social and economic impact. Forge, at the vanguard of driving entrepreneurial revolution, is scaling Forge.Academy as a digitally powered platform to transform student innovators, academic researchers, startup founders & industry professionals into disruptive innovators, business leaders, and technology visionaries.


Innovation Practicum, is the comprehensive learning framework pioneered by Forge.Academy for implementing an innovation centric model of learning in higher technical education. The framework is modelled as a 4-year process of skills and competencies development gained exclusively through experiential learning in a practice-based learning environment, applying academic concepts and technical tools to build innovative solutions for solving real world problems.

Forge has partnered with Kumaraguru College of Technology to implement the Innovation Practicum as an adjunct process to the academic curriculum, and as the consolidated process for all innovation centred initiatives, policies and programs recommended by AICTE under the aegis of the Min of Education, Govt of India.


Running successfully into its eighth consecutive batch, ProtoSem is a 20-week full time, Innovation fellowship offered as a comprehensive skills and competency development program that embeds an innovation-centred approach to engineering education right into the core of the engineering curriculum.

This first-of-its-kind program offers expert training, tech & innovation mentoring, adaptive learning, tinkering, rapid prototyping and exploration apart from tools & creative technologies covering IoT sensors & networks, 3D printing, desktop fabrication, industrial automation, robotics, low-volume electronics manufacturing & assembly, artificial intelligence & machine learning, big data analytics, cloud computing etc.

Guided by the mantra “Innovation for skills & competencies, leads to the innovation for employability leading to innovation for entrepreneurship”, the program imparts sound practical as well as conceptual knowledge through co-creation opportunities with experts, mentors, practitioners from industry & startups enhancing the employability of the students across sectors and sets the students towards an accelerated career path.

ProtoSem is offered in three different variants – Industrial Digital Technologies, Future Mobility and Autonomous systems and provides great leverage & access to the enormous talent pool for companies, building a strong Industry-Academia Partnership in the areas of emerging technologies. To know more or contribute – www.protosem.tech