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The research culture at the Department of Fashion Technology, an Research at the Department of Textile Technology, an Anna University approved Research Centre, is providing a unique transformative academic experience for the faculty members, research scholars, students and industry partners. The stimulating research environment has led to pioneering research outcomes in the domains that include Fibre Science, Material Characterisation, Sustainable Processing, Enzyme Assisted processes, Preparation and Finishing of Textile Materials, Textile Instrumentation,Clothing Comfort,Antimicrobial Textiles,Garment Productivity and Quality,Nano Textiles, Knitting and Weaving.

S. No. Name of the Supervisor Name of the scholar Year of registration Registration No
1 Dr. D. Saravanan Mr. R. Vijayasekar 2016 1615569119
2 Dr. D. Saravanan Ms. S. Tharakeswari 2017 16245697130
3 Dr. V. Ramesh babu Ms. S. Natarajan 2015 1514569145
4 Dr. V. Ramesh babu Ms. T. S. Geethanjali 2017 17247691113
5 Dr. V. Ramesh babu Ms. M. Maanvizhi 2017 17235691119
6 Dr. V. Ramesh babu Mr. S. Arunraj. A 2021 21135697139
7 Dr. V. Ramesh babu Mr. G. Manigandan 2022 22145691106
8 Dr. V. Ramesh babu Mr. P. Thangeswaran 2022 2213569117