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The research culture at the Department of Fashion Technology, an Anna University approved Research Centre, has broadened the vistas towards ingenuity and technology and has been facilitating collaborative research across various engineering domains apart from partnering with pioneering industries and leading research institutes across the globe. Some of the focal research areas pursued at the Department include Textile composites, Fabric comfort, Functional finishing, Clothing Science, Advanced Knitting, Weaving Technology, Non-Wovens, Natural Fibres, Medical Textiles, Home textiles and Textile Instrumentation.

S.No. Name of the Guide Is the teacher still serving the institution/If not last year of the service of Faculty to the Institution Scholar Name Reg Number Date and Academic Year of Registration Scholar Affiliation Title of work Status (Completed/)
1 Dr.G.Ramakrishnan
Professor & Head
Yes Ms Veena Sindhuja
Assistant Professor, Jaya Engineering College, Chennai
18145691113 (KCT Roll no – 17PHFT001) 08.02.2018 Anna University, Chennai Development of natural fibre composite for Technical Textile application in progress
2 Dr.G.Ramakrishnan
Professor & Head
Yes Mr Vijayakumar
Assistant Professor, Jaya Engineering College, Chennai
18245691118 (KCT Roll no- 17PHFT002) 08.02.2018 Anna University, Chennai Investigation of Ballistic and Comfort performance of Kevlar/wool blended non wovens in progress
3 Dr.Bharathi Dhurai
Yes Mr. S. Ariharasudhan, Assistant Professor II, Department of Textile Technology, KCT 1214569710 24.07.2012 Anna University, Chennai Sorbents for Oil spill cleanup Ph.D Awarded
4 Dr.Bharathi Dhurai
Yes Mr.M.Saravanan Assistant Professor, Department of Textile Technology, KCT. 1214569725 24.07.2012 Anna University, Chennai Antimicrobial finish for Home Textiles Ph.D Awarded
5 Dr.Bharathi Dhurai
Yes Mr. Sivakumar.
Assistant Professor III, Department of Textile Technology, KCT
P71010821014 04.09.2010 Anna University, Chennai Design and Development of Composite Wound Dressing Materials Loaded With Nano Particles of Biopolymers and Minerals For Hemostatic Control Ph.D Awarded
6 Dr.Bharathi Dhurai
Yes Mr. G.T.V.Prabu
Scientist , CIRCOT, Mumbai
17145691110 23.12.2016 Anna University, Chennai Engineered textile nanofiber production for agro textile application in progress
7 Dr.Bharathi Dhurai
Yes Mrs. B.Narmadha
17245697102 28.06.2017 Anna University, Chennai Knitted characteristics study of cotton, silk and its blended yarn on single jersey structure in progress
8 Dr.Bharathi Dhurai
Yes Mrs. Sukanya Devi. R
Assistant Professor, Department of Textile Technology, KCT
18255697113 04.07.2017 Anna University, Chennai Advanced oxidation processes for removal of organic pollutants from textile effluent in progress
9 Dr.G.Rajkumar Associate Professor Yes Ms. J. Saranya Department of Fashion Technology, Sona college of Technolgy, Salem 20235691122 11.09.2020 Anna University, Chennai Development of bio degradable super absorbent sanitary napkin for healty hygeine menstrual cycle in progress

Full time Ph.D. students graduated/awarded (including intergrated Ph.D)

Sl. No. Name of Student Registration No. Date of Registration for Ph.D Name of University Name & Department of Guide Status
1 Mohamed zakriy .G 1418569141 17.12.2013 Anna University, Chennai Dr.G.Ramakrishnan
Professor & Head
Fashion Technology
Ph.D Awarded
S.No Name of the Teacher Designation Name of university Guideship number
1 Dr.Ramakrishnan. G Professor & HOD i/c Anna University, Chennai 1950102
2 Dr. Bhaarathi Dhurai Professor Anna University, Chennai 415605
3 Dr.Rajkumar. G Associate professor Anna University, Chennai 2650006
4 Dr. Krishnaveni. V Associate professor Bharathiar University, Coimbatore TEX – GU 3426
5 Dr. Kavitha. S Assistant professor III Anna University, Chennai 3650014