FORGE is the incubation enterprise launched by the Coimbatore Innovation & Business Incubator (CIBI), founded with the vision to create & catalyse innovation powered enterprises that harness the power at the intersection of hardware, software, and computing technologies to solve real-world problems, creating economic gains and delivering social impact.

FORGE.FACTORY – the 20,000 sq.ft incubator established in Coimbatore, includes HWjunction – the fully integrated lab for full-spectrum hardware innovation offering equipment, tools, and resources in computing (AI/ML), IoT, electronics, desktop fabrication, 3D printing, drones, and automation & robotics, to support the design, development, and testing of ‘manufacturing’ ready prototypes.

ProtoSem MicroInnovators is a 15 week intensive skills & competencies development programme launched by FORGE exclusive to FINAL YEAR students in technical education. The programme is aimed to enhance the innovation, design, technical and entrepreneurial skills of the students & nurtures them to identify real world problems, validate the problem with the support from experts and user(s) and engineer a technology solution through a managed innovation process of prototype building. The possibility that some of these prototypes getting ready for production and launch as products and solutions in the market makes this programme a highly outcome oriented.