About the Department

Department of Civil Engineering is one of the earliest Engineering Departments started in Kumaraguru College of Technology. The department specializes in seven most sought after domains of Civil Engineering which include Structural Engineering, Environmental and Water Resources, Construction Management, Geotechnology, Transportation, Geoinformatics, and Coastal Engineering. The faculty members have graduated from prestigious institutions such as IIT’s, NIT’s, and Anna University and have constantly been involving themselves in research and consultancy in addition to guiding graduates through innovative teaching learning practices.

From the HOD’s Desk

Civil Engineering is one of the oldest engineering domains which has limitless possibilities in a number of domains. A student who enrols to pursue an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering is undoubtedly landing in one of the most creative engineering programs, where he/she shall learn to design and manage massive infrastructure we all depend on: pre-stressed / prefabricated elements, highways, aqueducts, pollution control facilities, and more. Once on completion of the fundamentals, learners have the flexibility to choose their career path in structural, environmental, and construction management.


Department of Civil Engineering is striving to become as a world class Academic Centre for quality education and research in diverse areas of Civil Engineering, with a strong social commitment.


  • Producing highly competent and technologically capable professionals and motivated young academicians
  • Providing quality education in undergraduate and postgraduate levels, with the strong emphasis on professional ethics and social commitment.
  • Developing a scholastic environment for the state-of-the-art research, resulting in practical applications.
  • Undertaking professional consultancy services in diverse areas of Civil Engineering.