About the Department

The Department of Science and Humanities encompasses four disciplines namely Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English. The Department offers courses in basic sciences and mathematics in addition to communicative English which bridges the gap between the secondary education and engineering study and thereby lays a solid foundation for pursuing core and allied engineering courses in the higher semesters. The Department of Science and Humanities hones the basic engineering skill sets and mentors the budding engineering aiding a smooth transition from school to college.

From the HOD’s Desk

The Department of Science and Humanities, since the inception of the college in 1984, has been imparting fundamental knowledge in all facets of Science and Humanities. A team of 60+ well-experienced faculty members with a keen interest towards innovative approach in academics and research have been tirelessly striving to impart value-based technical education.


  • To train and develop the basic skill-sets which in turn facilitates the students in achieving academic excellence.
  • To introduce innovative teaching methodologies and evaluation strategies which shall chisel the professional etiquette of the students.


To inculcate the importance of Basic Sciences and develop a natural flair for Engineering and Technology which in turn shall mould the student into a competent professional.