Infrared (IR) spectroscopy is widely used to determine the structures of unknown molecules, giving a unique vibration spectrum. This technique allows the identification of structural changes in the molecular bonding and chemical shifts and to investigate the surface adsorption of functional groups on nanoparticles and other wide range of chemical applications. FTIR Spectrum Interpretation plays an important role in the scientific field due to its wide range of applications in Identification and chemical characterization studies. Functional Group Region and Fingerprint Region are critical for understanding and interpreting spectral characteristics of various biomolecules through proper Peak Analysis, Peak fitting and baseline correction.

  • Basic understanding of Infrared Spectroscopy in Identification and Characterization of Materials.
  • Conceptual understanding of acquiring the FTIR spectrum of various functional groups.
  • Hands-on training on FTIR Spectrum Interpretation of characteristic peaks.
  • Use of Origin Software and Shimadzu LabSolutions IR.
Resource Persons

Dr. S. Ponnuswamy, Associate Professor and Head, PG and Research Department of Chemistry, Government Arts College (Autonomous), Coimbatore.

Dr.  Kalpana Duraisamy, Assistant Director- R&D, WAFE Auxiliary Chemicals Private Limited, Coimbatore.

Dr. Manickam Paulpandi, CSIR-POOL Scientist, Department of Zoology, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore.

Mr.Mohammed Ashraf Ali, Asst.Manager, Customer Support. Toshvin Analytical Pvt Ltd,

Details for Participants

  • The course is open to Faculty members, Research Scholars and Students belonging to Biotechnology, Chemistry, Material Science, Textile Technology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nanotechnology and other related life science and chemical science disciplines can also apply.
  • Registration will be based on the first come first served basis to a maximum of 50 participants

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